Miscellaneous Springtime Ventures

It has been a really fun Spring so far, and I figured I should document some stuff we have been doing. We started off in early March with a trip down to Scottsdale, Arizona, for Spring Training. This trip was a gift for my mother in law – my kids turned her into a big-time San Francisco Giants fan – and the whole family went along, with Tyler even flying out from North Carolina. Yes, he DOES make me look pretty small…


We had beautiful weather, and as usual Spring Training was super fun. The baseball games are nice and relaxed, lots of families from all over the country, everyone in friendly spirits with little heckling and smack-talking. Small, intimate stadiums with warm sunshine, cold beer, and close-up views of the action. We saw a couple games, and Tyler and I played a round of golf. I celebrated my 53rd birthday down there, and for my present Karen got me a four-wheeler excursion in the desert with the boys – which was a complete blast. Click on any of the images below for a larger view!

Shortly after we returned, it was time for Corsair’s 20th Anniversary Party at the Ritz in San Francisco. Twenty years… hard to believe. Tyler had just turned one when we started the company, now he is about to graduate from college! Pictures from the party show that Karen and I actually clean up reasonably well, if I say so myself…

In early April we had the opportunity to take a quick trip up to Lake Almanor, to get things cleaned up and ready for summer. Karen and I took a side trip to nearby Domingo Springs, where we used to camp. Doesn’t get much prettier!

Finally, at the end of the month I traveled to the East Coast for the annual Yale Rugby alumni reunion. I decided to spend a few extra days and see some other friends and relatives while I was in the Northeast. In the Philadelphia area I visited the gravesite of my grandparents, Joe Jeanes and Louise Beekley Jeanes. These guys were a huge part of my childhood, and I still think of them often. It was a lovely day, and a lovely spot, and I sat on a bench there for quite a while having happy memories.


After spending a lovely evening with Pat Reidy and his wife in Wyckoff, NJ, I set out for the Adirondacks. I got to spend some time with my 93-year-old Aunt Dottie, her daughter Ginger, her son Ed who was out from Wyoming, and my mom’s sister Julie and my Uncle Ken. It was really great to see everyone, and Lake George was lovely  and quiet in the off-season. Hoping maybe we will return this summer after we drop Brian off at Yale!

Rugby weekend was a blast, as always. Played a round of so-called golf on Friday at the Yale course, then rugby on Saturday. Banged up my shoulder a bit, but recovering faster than expected. And, from previous experience, I can give myself physical therapy; I know all the exercises!

Now it is time to prepare ourselves, emotionally and logistically, for Tyler’s graduation from Wake Forest on May 19. Oh boy…

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