There is Now a Drought in California, Officially Declared by the Guv…

… but we did not sit around this weekend wondering how much of our yard is going to still be alive by the end of the summer. Instead, the prudent thing to do seemed to be to make the best of it!

The forecast called for a high of 74 degrees in Santa Cruz on Saturday, which was simply impossible to resist. We pulled the surf skis out of their intended winter hibernation, and hauled them down to the Yacht Harbor for some wintertime paddling. As you can see from the pictures below, I remembered to do everything except clean off the lens of the GoPro…


After an hour or so of vigorous paddling, Karen and I decided to reward ourselves with a drink and a snack at the Crow’s Nest. We used to go here all the time when we first met, after sailing the Hobie Cat, and were pleased to see that after twenty-six and a half years (!) the bar at the Crow’s Nest is virtually unchanged. Still the same pictures on the wall, still the same appetizer menu, still a bunch of aging beachcombers sitting at the bar,

Sunday was beautiful as well, so I decided to get some quality mountain biking done. As I remembered to clean the camera this time, here are a couple nice shadow-selfies, along a few minutes of video. Enjoy!



And here’s the video…


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