Boatbuilding Update: Making progress, slowly but surely

It’s been a few weeks, so I thought I would summarize the progress I am making on the boat.

As I mentioned earlier, I am building the boat in my wine cellar. So, I’ll start off by showing you the workspace. If you look around, you’ll see that the place is already filling up with lumber and plans.

Building is a pretty slow process, because my woodworking skills, poor to begin with, are very rusty. And, there is lots to learn about cutting and assembling with precision, mixing and handling epoxy, etc. I am trying to go slowly, and discard any work that is sloppy or otherwise not up to snuff – which is really counter to my natural instincts. Crown molding was one of my last carpentry projects, and, trust me, caulk was my best friend!

Last weekend was definitely a milestone, as I started assembling the frame of the boat. Somewhat of a point of no return! So far so good, though, as I got the first pieces connected with each other without a hitch…

You will see that one can’t possibly possess too many clamps for this endeavor, and I suspect that I will be making another trip to Harbor Freight soon to double down.

I had some time during the week this week, so I prepared the battens and the runner cleats, which will allow me to install the floor of the boat. I also spent a few hours reinforcing the frame with brass nails and screws, as appropriate.

Saturday was a really nice day, so I spent some time sanding in the morning, then went for a quick hike in the afternoon to get the blood moving a bit. Took this shadow-selfie with Mt Diablo in the background…

Today, prior to wasting my late afternoon and evening watching the Super Bowl, I epoxied the runner cleats to the tunnel sides, as seen in the picture below. If you look on the floor, you can also see a long strip of plywood with dumbells on it. This is basically a scarff joint being made – making the ten foot long tunnel floor by joining an eight foot piece and a two foot piece. The joint should be cured by tomorrow, and the floor can be installed.

Once the floor goes in, hopefully sometime this week, we will start to look like a boat!

1 thought on “Boatbuilding Update: Making progress, slowly but surely

  1. Ginger

    Impressive. You have an idea and are following through! And it looks like you have plenty of wiine close at hand for the times when things get frustrating!


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